Do I need to replace or repair the siding on my home?

When is the right time to replace the siding on your home? This is a question that many homeowners face at some point or another. A few tell-tale signs indicate it might be time for a siding replacement. In this blog post, we will discuss those signs, as well as what you can expect from a siding replacement project. If you notice any of these red flags, call us as soon as possible. Your siding is likely in need of an urgent repair or replacement. If you are considering getting new siding for your home, keep reading!

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What are some significant exterior signs that I need to replace my siding?

Bubbles or blisters: Notice your siding is bubbling or blistering? This is a red flag. Blisters and bubbles indicate that water is trapped within your siding. Siding is supposed to prevent moisture. This means you have a serious moisture problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. If your siding is trapping moisture, it is no longer doing its job and is likely damaging your home.

Rotting, warped, or cracked siding: If your siding is rotting, warped, or cracked, your siding is likely not protecting your home from water, moisture, and other elements. If this is the case, it’s likely time to replace your siding.

Mildew, mold, or fungus: This is often found near the seams of your siding, such as underneath your gutters. These substances grow in places where moisture is plentiful. This can mean water and, or moisture is penetrating your siding. While not all instances of mildew, mold, or fungus on your siding are signs of a problem, it is worth giving us a call.

Have you noticed paint peeling or loose wallpaper inside your home?

Bad siding outside your home often reveals itself inside your home. Are you noticing paint peeling or loose wallpaper in your home? This is a big red flag. Peeling paint or loose wallpaper inside your home is evidence that your siding has a problem and has possibly had a problem for some time. Moisture in your walls can lead to the build-up of highly harmful substances such as black mold. If left unaddressed, it can cause severe damage to both your home and your health. If you notice this or if you notice black mold or similar near exterior walls, please give us a call. We don’t want you getting sick!

What are other common signs that my siding could or may soon need a repair or replacement?

Faded Siding: When siding becomes faded, it’s a sign that the product weatherproofing is starting to fail. While a case for concern, it doesn’t mean your siding is useless. It is, however, an excellent time to consider replacing your siding before a more serious problem occurs.

High Energy Bill: When it comes to your energy bill, many factors can come into play. It is worth calling us if you notice a hike in your energy bills. We will come out to your home and provide you with a free analysis and reporting on the exterior health of your home. As discussed in our “Roof Health Guide,” your roof could also be responsible for that price increase. If you’ve ruled out your roof, windows, and insulation, it could be a problem with your siding. Siding is meant to insulate your home from the elements and help retain heat and cold year-round. If your siding is damaged, it is unable to perform its job. Siding in need of repair will reflect on your energy bills.

Siding chipping and peeling: If your siding is physically damaged, it must be replaced. Even small cracks and chips can lead to big problems down the road, so don’t ignore them! Homes usually require a fresh coat of paint every 8-10 years. However, if you need to paint more frequently, the problem may be your siding. Chipping and peeling paint is a strong indication that it’s time for you to replace the siding on your home. You should ask about the high-quality, long-lasting color, near zero matinence, vinyl siding we offer at iRoof Exteriors.

Have you noticed any of the above problems with your home or siding?

If you notice any of these signs, you need to take action. Do not let your home deteriorate, do not place the health of your family and those you love in a vulnerable position. iRoof Exteriors is ready to provide you with a cost-free in-depth reporting and analysis of your home’s exterior and interior health. We offer the highest quality siding on the market at the best rates. We do great work to keep your home in great shape. We also offer a free warranty on all our siding products. Click here to view an interactive map of our past work. Do yourself, your home, and your family a favor and put the health of your home at the top of your to-do list. Schedule your free quote today. 

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